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Welcome to Smartbox business storage

When you’re running a business, one of the biggest challenges is finding a way to effectively store and manage all of your supplies and documents, without dishing out thousands of dollars to rent extra space just for your filing cabinets or storage rooms.

So when it comes to commercial storage, Smartbox is the ideal way for businesses to save time, space and money.

With a conveniently located storage site in Auckland, we'll securely store everything you don't need day to day and return it to you when and where you need it.

There’s also no chance of your things being reshuffled. Everything is stored exactly as you packed them, so you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.

Create a more productive workplace for yourself and your employees with Smartbox. It's secure storage that’s quick, easy and completely reliable.

How can Smartbox help with your commercial storage?

There are plenty of ways Smartbox self storage can help you save space, time and money.

Not only can you clear out your workplace clutter, but Smartbox storage comes to you so accessing everything is just a phone call away. You’ll have all the assurance that your goods are safe and well protected at our secure facility in the meantime.

Using Smartbox as an off-site storeroom means you get the savings of buying in bulk without the clutter. Smartbox can also be a convenient, mobile warehouse for all your trade show and merchandising supplies.

We are always amazed by the inventive ways our customers use their Smartboxes!

  • Buying in bulk saves you money but where do you put the extra stock? Use Smartbox as a mobile storeroom and save!
  • Retail space costing you a fortune? Why not use a Smartbox as a mobile stockroom?
  • Financial records creating a hazard in your home office? Reclaim your home and put what you don't need day to day in a Smartbox!
  • Stacks of marketing brochures and merchandise getting in your way? Everything will be kept protected, clean and dry until you need it again.
  • Going on a holiday or business trip and need somewhere safe to store your stock? Let us look after it for you!
  • Exhibition materials and stock taking up room in your office, waiting to be used only a handful of times? Smartbox offers exhibition storage, and we’ll even help deliver it all to the venue when it’s time.

Do you have a smart use for a Smartbox not listed here? Share your idea with us

How Smartbox works for business storage

You book it
Book your storage online or by telephone.

We deliver it and pick it up
We deliver a secure smartbox to your door and collect it once you've packed everything.

We store it ready for you
Your Smartbox is stored at our secure facility ready for you to access or for us to return to you if you need something.

Business and commercial storage has never been easier. You can get a quote online and contact us when you're ready.

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