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The Smartbox document storage solution

Here's how it works

1. Call our Auckland office on 0800 22 55 76. One of our customer service team will then help figure out how much space you require. We are happy to store not only archive boxes (also known herein as “boxes”), but also anything else that you can fit into a Smartbox (also known herein as “units”). A specific time is booked in for the delivery of the Smartbox to your location. We will even happily load at your existing storage facility! Should you require archive boxes or any other packing materials,

Smartbox can provide these and we will even deliver them for free to your Auckland location prior to arriving with the Smartbox.

2. The Smartbox arrives and the driver will use a trolley to load your boxes and anything else into the Smartbox. All you have to do is have the boxes ready to go and carefully labelled.

3. When the Smartbox arrives back at our facility, your boxes are re-packed into customised Smartbox unit with shelving in strict numerical order, allowing access to all documents.

With this configuration, we can fit around 90 standard archive boxes into a unit.

If you are happy to simply stack the boxes and won’t need access to them, we can fit around 130 boxes. These units are then securely locked and stored in our facility.

 4. Should you require any archive boxes out of the racked storage unit, you simply call or email Smartbox.

We guarantee to have the archive box picked from the storage container and ready for courier pick up within 30 minutes during our business hours, 7 days a week.

We will require you to follow up the phone request with an email so that there is a record of the box number requested for tracking purposes.

If the you want to have the archive box returned to the unit or add more boxes to a unit, we will be happy to receive delivery and stack them in order within the racked units.

Call us for quote on 0800 22 55 76 or email us now


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