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Bust a move: 14 boogie-inducing songs for storage and moving days
Since the beginning of time, nothing has inspired people to declutter, move and put items in storage quite like great music. As Plato said to Socrates, while loading old manuscripts into his chario......
Smartbox NZ students
With the end of year break fast approaching and many students travelling abroad at the end of the semester, it is strongly encouraged that New Zealand students get themselves prepared for their trip......
Self Storage
Self Storage The New Zealand Herald outlines a theme of clearing out the home for relaxation benefits. Having a permanent place for items minimises the chance of losing them and Smartbox is the ide......
NZ Herald Small Busines Article on Smartbox
Opening of a New Secure Storage Facility in Melbourne, Australia
Smartbox has responded to an increase in customer demand for the company's mobile storage products by opening a new high-tech warehouse in Melbourne. Smartbox is now offering cheap storage solution......

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