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Storage services

Why our storage solutions are some of the best around

  • Save stress, time and hassle

  • Pick up and delivery 7 days a week

  • Forget the cost, time and headache of arranging transport

  • Single handling - pack it once

  • Massive discounts on long term storage and/or multiple boxes

  • Free access to your belongings 7 days a week

  • Month-to-month terms welcome

  • Efficient, friendly, on-time service

  • State-of-the-art secured storage facilities

  • Price guarantee (your rates will NEVER go up)

Smartbox benefits for home and business storage

To help take the stress and hassle out of keeping your items safe, Smartbox offers tailor made storage services to suit your budget and the length of time you wish to store your items. You choose the number of Smartboxes you want, how long you want to store your items, and we calculate the pricing for you.

Limit the need to pack and repack your belongings

We keep our costs down by letting you package your items yourself, and by eliminating the need to unpack and repack items - your belongings are stored in the same box you loaded them into! It’s convenient, safe storage that gives you peace of mind.

Flexibility to access your own items

We’re also flexible - they’re your things, so we believe that you should have access to them without having to pay extra. With a convenient location in Auckland, we can deliver your items to you whenever you need them, even on weekends.

We don’t just offer storage units either - we also sell a range of packaging products to help you get all your items packed safely and securely. See our available packaging products for storage.

Great benefits of Smartbox self storage:

  •  Cost effective - Choose a number of boxes and length of time to suit your budget and needs

  •  Safe and secure - Maintain your privacy and peace of mind by packing your items yourself

  •  Convenient - Easy access to your items whenever you need them

  •  Packaging products - To help you store everything safely and securely

So whether you’re moving away for a while and need to store your furniture while you rent out your place, or you just need a little extra space in your life without having to give up the things you love and need, Smartbox is the ultimate storage solution.

Smartbox is a one-stop service for all your short and long term storage needs.

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