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Smartbox Units Size and Features

How Big Is a Smartbox Storage Unit?

We have two sizes of Smartbox:

The Big Box:

  • The outside of a the Big Box is approximately 3m long by 1.8m wide and 2.3m high.
  • The internal measurements are slightly less measuring approximately 2.9m long x 1.8m wide and 2.1m high. You can generally fit all the belongings from a 1 – 2 bedroom home into one Smartbox.
  • For business and office storage you can load up to 1400kgs into each Smartbox – approximately 130 standard size archive boxes, full of paper.

The Baby Box:

  • The outside of a the Baby Box is approximately 1.8m long by 1.8m wide and 2.3m high.
  • The internal measurements are slightly less measuring approximately 1.7m long x 1.7m wide and 2.1 m high. You can generally fit all the belongings from a studio to 1 bedroom home into one Smartbox.

What Are Smartbox Storage Units Made Of?

Smartboxes are built of wood, which can breathe (unlike steel), so the items inside are well protected from temperature and humidity changes. All your belongings from paperwork to large furniture items will be safe and secure in a Smartbox, making it the ideal business and home storage solution

The Smartbox Trailer 'SmartTrailer'

The Smartbox comes in a fully covered, lockable, aluminium trailer (similar to a house moving truck). This ensures the Smartbox and your belongings inside are fully protected from all weather conditions and secure while parked at your home. The SmartTrailer will be locked in place with a tow ball lock and one wheel clamp on the trailer.

Locking a Smartbox

The Smartbox has a three hinged door with a sliding bolt locking system. We can supply your padlocks or you can provide your own. Either way, you’ll be the only one with access to the key, as you are the only key holder. See more info on security and access of your storage boxes.

Packing a Smartbox

A Smartbox storage box is easy to pack and easy to get into. The floor is only 40cm above ground level and access is up a low built-in ramp. Take a look at our packing tips for more information on the best way to pack your Smartbox.

Belongings That Need Special Storage and Care

If you have any items that require special care or won’t fit into a standard Smartbox, please contact us. We can arrange for a box to be specially made to fit your precious items.

Prohibited Items - What Can't You Keep In Storage?

There are some items that you are prohibited from storing in a Smartbox. See our prohibited items page or contact us for more information.

Accessing Your Belongings is Easy

When you want to access your belongings we can deliver your Smartbox to you or you can come to us. Simply contact us to arrange a time to have your Smartbox delivered to your door or set up a time to visit our storage facility.

More Questions About Our Storage Solutions?

Try our FAQ page or contact us, we’re here to help!

Its as easy as one, two, three

How Smartbox Home Storage Works?

See the simple step-by-step process of how Smartbox conveniently provides all your home storage needs.


You Book It
Book your Smartbox online
or by phone


We Deliver It
We deliver your secure Smartbox
right to your door


You Pack & Lock It
Once your Smartbox is delivered you
pack and lock it


We Collect It
We pick up your
packed Smartbox


We Store It
We store your Smartbox storage
boxes in our secure storage facility


You Access It
We deliver your Smartbox back to you*
or you can visit us at any time!

Self-Storage Has Never Been Easier!

Book a Smartbox storage unit online, or get a quote and contact us when you're ready.

*Conditions apply – please contact us on 0800 22 55 76