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The New Zealand Herald outlines a theme of clearing out the home for relaxation benefits. Having a permanent place for items minimises the chance of losing them and Smartbox is the ideal way to achieve this advantage.

Today, the younger demographic are discovering the need for self-storage. Students residing in New Zealand are choosing self-storage to stash belongings while traveling. Statistics New Zealand reveals the most popular ages to travel are 20-39, highlighting the desire of students to travel during or after their studies. Also, students living on the university campus are increasingly choosing self-storage to store items that are spacious and bulky, due to the small capacity of storage available in on-campus accommodation. It is a safe and cost-effective method, especially because Smartbox is a highly secure facility and the customer is the sole key holder.

Smartbox also helps travellers avoid unpleasant situations when travelling. Travelling when there is an airport baggage strike would not be an ideal situation. The strike delays, causing consumer misery would not be a pleasant experience to be a part of. This is why it is recommended to skip all the drama and choose Smartbox to store your belongings, limiting the baggage you take with you while travelling. Also, with the purchase of additional baggage, this could potentially lead to high costs.

The Blog Cabin (NZ website) analyses the importance of self-storage during gap year travel, popular amongst students. Gap year travel is becoming a popular way to finish off a tough and hard-working year. Carrying minimal luggage is a favorable way to travel, allowing space for purchases and gifts, and of course easing the trouble of carrying your luggage around with you. As a result, you will need to store the rest of your belongings somewhere safe and secure. These excess items become an issue if you are renting or living on campus as it’s a waste of money to be paying rent when you are not living there. Also, you run the security risk of your belongings being tampered with or stolen. Smartbox is more than safe and secure – it is convenient and easy to use, allowing you to enjoy traveling knowing your belongings are safely back home.

Statistics New Zealand shares insight regarding overseas trips by residents of New Zealand. The total number of trips was 237,000 and Australian’s account for 9,300 of these. This is an increase of 31,500 between July 2012 and July 2013 and is also the highest number of departures since the previous record in July 2011. Due to recent legislation changes and an increase in travel, more Aussies are traveling to New Zealand and vice versa. These trips tend to vary in time, this is why having the option of self-storage is crucial.

Business travel from New Zealand is increasing in popularity due to growth since 1989. From June 2008 – June 2009, there were 261,600 residents leaving the country for work-related purposes. With the increased demand for self-storage due to personal and business travel, Smartbox is a great option with its convenient 7-day delivery/pick up benefit, making it the flawless storage choice.

Moving place of residence in New Zealand can be attributed to many factors. Individuals who moved within their previous region did so primarily due to environmental, social, or economic costs. Those who moved from a different region did so mainly for social, environmental, or employment reasons. Self-storage allows this stressful time to be simplified with Smartbox’s services.

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