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With the end of year break fast approaching and many students traveling abroad at the end of the semester, it is strongly encouraged that New Zealand students get themselves prepared for their trip now instead of leaving it to the last minute, a habit that most students know all too well. One easy thing to tick off your list before you begin your exciting adventure is what to do with your belongings while you’re traveling. Especially for those who are currently renting and are traveling for an extensive period of time, why wouldn’t you consider putting your belongings into storage and renting out your space while you’re away? Smartbox offers convenient storage solutions for students at affordable prices during this upcoming travel period.

Currently, there are approximately 180,000 university students in New Zealand spread out among the eight major universities. University attendance is on the rise in New Zealand and so is traveling. In 2013, overseas trips by New Zealanders was up by over 11,000+ compared to the previous year. Students, in particular, were one of the major factors in this steady rise. More students are traveling now than ever due to their healthy income from casual work, long holiday periods, the affordability of travel trips such as Contiki, and the lack of full-time work commitments. University students have a keen sense of adventure and a desire to find out what else the world has to offer. Most students also realise that there are very few other times in their lives when they can take months at a time off to travel.

Studying abroad is also emerging as a major trend for modern New Zealand university students. Most universities now offer exchange programs as part of your regular study course to increase employment prospects and become more cultured. Many students are recognising the benefits of studying abroad for their future career prospects as employers are interested in seeing international education experience on resumes and it allows you to learn new cultures and a new language. When studying abroad, self-storage options such as Smartbox are a great way to protect and store your belongings and have them easily accessible upon your return.

After the age of 18, the number of New Zealanders living away from home steadily increases. Using self-storage while traveling overseas or doing a study exchange program overseas is a great way to save money and protect your belongings. If you’re not living in your apartment or home for an extensive period of time, why would you pay the rent? Locking up your items in secure self-storage and renting out your space will save you money and give your trip some extra funds to make it more worthwhile.

With the end of the semester fast approaching, it’s time for New Zealand students to get organised with their travelling. Now that the flights are booked, it’s time to get the smaller details sorted before you can really focus on the fun trip planning aspect. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about what to do with your belongings while you’re traveling. Self-storage is one of those things that is so simple to think about and plan out immediately so you will not have to stress out about storage closer to your travel dates. Leaving you with the peace of mind to focus on all the fun trip planning aspects. Smartbox is storage that comes to you. The Smartbox team delivers the Smartbox (storage container) right to your doorstep with the packaging materials, or alternatively, you can organise for them to pack up your items for you. Once your Smartbox is packed, they take your box to their storage site and keep it there until you return. When you return, your Smartbox is returned right to your doorstep- it’s as simple as that! Smartbox offers services in Auckland and offer affordable pricing for students. For more information or to get a quote, please contact the friendly Smartbox team today.

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Smartbox NZ students

With the end of year break fast approaching and many students traveling abroad at the end of the semester, it is strongly encouraged that New Zealand students

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